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9 Top Diving Destinations To Get To By Private Jet 

Traveling by private jet is the best way to travel to a tropical destination without the hassle and irritancy of crowded airports, long check-in lines and flight delays.

The question arises, while top cities around the world are extremely easy to access by a private jet, the same can’t be said about tropical areas and diving destinations.

Below you can find out all the information you could possibly need about the most stunning and remote diving destinations the world has to offer that are easily accessible through private jets so you don’t have to compromise on luxury.

Here’s our list of the 9 top diving destinations to get to by private jet.

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Remote Volcanic Island - Chile

Easter Island - Chile - Top Diving Destinations To Get To By Private Jet

A gorgeous and remote little volcanic island located in a special territory of Chile in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is one of the most stunning diving destinations that you can get to by plane and that’s why it makes it on our list of one of the top diving destinations to get to by private jet.

Easter Island is probably one of the most fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites which is known for its unique and monumental statues. There are 1000 of these statues called moai and are scattered all across the island.

Along with its rich heritage and deep historical value, Easter Island can also be considered to be a highly luxurious destination – and the best part is that it is easily accessible through a private jet.

Not only do we have the gorgeous Pacific Ocean crashing its waves on the island sands, but it is also the perfect spot for some diving with your family and friends.

Whether it’s delicious food, rich history and culture, luxury, or the sheer enjoyment of the beautiful Pacific Ocean, Easter Island offers it all. So make sure you should add it to the list of your next tropical visits.

Diving and Snorkelling at Easter Island

With clear blue waters, Easter Island makes for the perfect diving location. The waters temperature ranges between 18 and 26 degrees and coupled with clear visibility up to 60 meters you can be sure of an unforgettable experience.

Swim with Turtles!

Enjoy a swim with sea turtles near Hang Roa Bay or take an underwater volcanic adventure.  Although lacking on large coral reef, the seabed is decorated with cliffs, caves and lava platforms and even an underwater Moai statue!

And if you’re looking for unique wildlife, 26% of the fauna found here cannot be found anywhere else.

Other great places for diving on Easter Island include Motu Nui, Motu Kao and Motu Iti.

How to get to Easter Island by Private Jet

Take your private jet to Mataveri International Airport at Rapu Nui (Easter Island); the most remote airport in the world.

The Ultimate Island Experience In Maldives

Velaa Private Island - Top Diving Destinations To Get To By Private Jet

Remember the last time you visited the Maldives? The crystal clear water, the stunning resorts and the luxurious experience. Now imagine something much more opulent, more secluded and much grander. The Velaa private island is the best place to go for the ultimate island experience.

With villas just as grand and beautiful if not more so than those offered in the Maldives, the reason this Island sets it apart from the rest, is the fact that it is so much more secluded and private yet uncompromising on luxury.

From a personal butler of your own, a highly magnificent spa, underwater visuals like you’ve never seen before, sunset cruises and so much more, here’s a holiday spot you don’t want to miss out on.

When it comes to excursions and activities they offer amazing diving services along with hi-tech water sport toys and equipment, and many other activities such as technogym and football pitch. They also offer a yoga pavilion and a golf court.

Diving and Snorkeling at Velaa Private Island

Vella Private Island makes it on our list of one of the top diving destinations to get to by private jet for amazing marine life and unexplored diving sites.

Just 15 minutes away from the shores of Velaa Private Island you will see grey reef sharks, nurse sharks, the seasonal manta ray, black-spotted stingray and the eagle ray.

Contact Veela Dive Centre here

How to get to Velaa Private Island by Private Jet

Private jets can land at Maafaru International Airport then you can take a quick 7 minute seaplane or 35 minute luxury yacht ride from Velaa.

18 Rocky, Volcanic Islands between Iceland and Norway

Faroe Islands - Top Diving Destinations To Get To By Private Jet

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Norway, the Faroe Islands are part of the Kingdom of Norway and are 800 miles of magnificent coastline, perfect for lovers of beauty and nature.

If you have dreamt of seeing the northern lights in their glory in maximum luxury and relaxation, then the Faroe Islands are the perfect place for you to visit.

A perfect blend of Modern and Traditional Elements

The 18 islands are the perfect blend of traditional, rustic and modern conveniences. Scattered with the tallest and majestic mountains, enjoy hiking through beautiful scenery, fishing in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, or indulging in a dining experience with the freshest and finest ingredients and all prepared to perfection.

The Faroe Islands also offers bird watching, horse riding and adventure sports. All you need for an all-in-one perfect getaway filled with luxury, relaxation and entertainment.

Diving and Snorkeling at Faroe Islands

Not only do you get to sleep under the immense beauty of the northern lights, but you can also go on a diving experience like no other in the Atlantic Ocean.

With 18 islands to explore the Faroe Islands provides excellent dive sites to discover marine wildlife and unspoiled and varied seabeds with the most spectacular fauna and flora you will ever see.

With crystal clear waters with visibility for up to 30 meters in the winter, you’ll find a world of kelp forests and botanic seaweed gardens with wonderful sea creatures, Sea cucumbers, and Cucumaria Frondose up to 30 cm long! Just don’t forget to take your underwater camera!

For more information on the magnificent creatures and diving in the Faroe Islands click here.

How to get to the Faroe Islands by Private Jet

Land your private jet at Vagar Airport (Vága Floghavn (EKVG) which is located near Sørvágur village on the island of Vágar.

Divers Paradise in the Caribbean

Faroe Islands - Top Diving Destinations To Get To By Private Jet

This one is for the divers and divers only!

A Dutch-owned Caribbean island located East of Central America and North of Venezuela. Bonaire is known for it’s out-of-this-world snorkeling and scuba diving experience, stunning beaches, and mountain terrain.

The island is easily accessible through a private jet and while it may not be as luxurious as some of our previous locations, this destination does not fall short on recreational activities, pristine water, scenery and natural beauty.

In addition to providing the most visually pleasing and exciting diving destinations the world has to offer, there are multiple other activities that the island is known for, these include kite surfing, windsurfing, and snorkeling.

When staying on Bonaire, there are a variety of different villas and luxury resorts scattered across the island from which you can choose to stay.

Mealtimes are heavenly with the most delicious cuisines using only the island’s finest and organic ingredients and expert chefs.

Another amazing thing about the island is that conservation initiatives are taken very seriously. An active effort is made to make sure that the island remains as eco-friendly as possible and encourages sustainable tourism practices.

Diving and Snorkeling at Bonaire

As an ecological treasure, Bonaire’s whole coastline has been protected for over 30 years as the island’s National Marine Park.

With over 50 of the most stunning diving sites in the world, Bonaire’s Marine Park offers the most beautiful reefs with an abundance of magical marine wildlife containing over 57 species of coral and where over 350 types of fish have been discovered.

Please feel free to download Bonnaires 86 dive sites.

How to get to Bonaire by Private Jet

Boniaire International Airport (BON) is the main airport on Bonaire Island. The airport is also known as the Flamingo Airport which it’s location is near Kralendijk, in the southern part of Bonaire.

Adults Only Resort in Breathtaking Fiji

Qamea Island Fiji - Top Diving Destinations To Get To By Private Jet

Enjoy a stay on this adult-only private island in Fiji. Qamea Resorts and Spa.

Famous for its dramatic backdrops and amazing diving locations this super swanky and luxurious destination should be top of your list of places to visit in Fiji. This extremely remarkable and breathtaking resort is the Tropical Pacific dream come true.

From massive volcanoes, clear blue waters and white sands to the luscious greenery, the Qamea Resorts are a definite visit if you’re looking for a private slice of paradise.

With beautiful huts scattered throughout the resort, massive swimming pools and a relaxing jacuzzi as well as a therapeutic spa and of course the beach for you to snorkel and dive your worries away what are you waiting for?

Diving and Snorkeling at Qamea Island

Fiji offers spectacular reefs with amazing fauna and flora and when you visit Qamea Island you can experience world class dive sites within 10 minutes of the resort, to include the well renowned Purple Wall, Oamea Freeway and Playground Reef.

There are a variety of dive sites to suit beginners to the more experienced diver, from the Qamea Shore where a night dive is a must, to caves and tunnels and the ‘Lost Reef’ which slopes down to 30 meters.

Click this link for a list of dive sites and what you can expect to see on these patches and shore beds.

How to get to Qamea Resorts by Private Jet

Get your private jet ready and fly away to Matei Airport (also known as Taveuni Airport), located in Matei in Northern Taveuni.

From there your driver will take you through a 20-minute tropical terrain drive through the villages of Taveuni to where the boat is located.

Once you arrive at the boat, it will take less than 10 minutes to get to the resort. One thing to point out is there are no docking facilities, so prepare yourself for a true island experience and get your feet wet!

Most Luxurious Resort in the Philippines

Pamalican Island Philippines - Top Diving Destinations To Get To By Private Jet

A small, beautiful and remote island located in Agutaya Philippines, Pamalican Island is covered with beautiful powdery white sand and about 3 square miles of coral reef which is known globally for being home to one of the most ostentatious and luxurious resorts in the world, ‘Amanpulo’.

When you visit Pamalican Island you can enjoy the full tropical and beach experience and adventure without compromising on your privacy and comfort and walking the full circle of the island would take you an hour and a half.

Amanpulo has it all covered!

Whether it’s a romantic sunset on a cruise, followed by dinner and champagne on the beach, a jungle obstacle course or extreme water sports, or simply relaxing at your own beautiful villa within lush tropical forest, and a personal golf buggy to explore the island, the Amanpulo pretty much has it all covered.

Diving and Snorkeling at Pamalican Island

Pamalican Island is blessed with some of the world’s most awe-inspiring and unspoiled reefs with unbeatable marine life.

Famous for its white sandy beaches, transparent and turquoise warm waters, you can be sure of an experience of a lifetime, so it’s only fair we’ve included Pamalican Island on our list of the top diving destinations to get to by private jet.

With two glorious coasts to explore, the Western shore (where you will find Amanpulo) and the Eastern shore, there will always be a suitable diving spot regardless of the seasonal wind shift. But one thing is for certain, with a combination of all elements, location, views, service, the privacy, you’ll think this is as good as it gets!

Amanpulo Dive Centre, complete with its top-of-the-range equipment, will cater to all levels of experience, so make sure Amanpulo is on your list of top diving destinations to get to by private jet.

How to get to Pamalican Island by Private Jet

Fly into Manilas’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), from there Amanpulo is a one hour flight where you access the resort through its own landing strip on the resorts own private plane.

However, if you wish to charter or fly your own aircraft, you can contact Amanpulo Reservations on

For Relaxation and Wild Nightlife

St Barts Caribbean - Top Diving Destinations To Get To By Private Jet

St Barts is the ideal location if you’re looking for both the relaxation and calmness of the beach but also wild nightlife and parties.

Located about 35 kilometers South-East of the Caribbean Island this place has pretty much unlimited shoreline for you to indulge.

One of the best places to stay at St. Barts would easily be Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa.

Located on the beach, this hotel will become your tranquil and calm haven in the bustling St. Barts. The rooms offer gorgeous views of the beach, gardens, lakes and pretty much all things beautiful.

The hotel also offers all the basic amenities you could possibly need such as a well-equipped fitness center, yoga studio, delicious meals cooked by certified experts and a glorious rooftop bar.

If you’re looking for a more rustic and authentic Caribbean place to stay while not compromising your luxury, Eden Rock which has been up and running for over 6o years is the place to go.

The elegant and monotone hotel is exactly what you need to make your trip furthermore pleasing and relaxing. Other than enjoying the calming beach, diving, nightlife and other recreational activities, the hotel itself offers an art gallery, a recording studio, a famous restaurant and an in-room spa treatment.

Diving and Snorkeling at St. Barts, Caribbean

As a pure novice or experienced diver, Saint Barthelemy offers plenty of snorkel and dive sites to explore that cater to all levels.

However the most popular activity on the island is considered to be snorkeling, mainly due to its Marine Reserve created in 1996 which protects the marine life in the Caribbean, which thankfully for us makes for the most ideal snorkeling conditions.

With deep blue clear waters and a vast array of marine wildlife including turtles, rays, eels, tropical fish and much more, experience the lovely marine creatures all year round with a steady sea temperature from 26c to 29c.

The best snorkeling sites at St. Barts are considered to be Anse De ColombierForchue IslandAnse De Lorient, and La Petite Anse and you can also click here to discover a sample of sites with the best fauna and flora the Caribbean has to offer.

How to get to St. Barts, Caribbean by Private Jet

Getting to St. Barts airport (St Barts Gustaf III Airport) is a little tricker than other airports as there are runway restrictions and wind patterns to follow. And with such a shorter runway than most, pilots have to be specially trained and can only fly smaller propeller aircraft.

Small Bohemian Island in the Exumas

Normans Cay Bahamas - Top Diving Destinations To Get To By Private Jet

A small Bohemian Island in the Exumas only 6 miles long and 1000 feet wide, was once known for drug smuggling, is now a beautiful tourist destination and if not, one of the most breathtaking islands in the Bahamas.

There are quite a few activities available on this pristine and awe-inspiring Island, these include sightseeing tours, boat tours, diving, scuba and snorkeling. There is also a yacht club on the island where you can spend your day.

When visiting the island, Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina is the most luxurious and heavenly place you can stay during your trip to Norman’s Cay.

So much to do at Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina!

The resort and marina offer a variety of different activities and amenities such as bicycle rentals for you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the island, boat tours, hiking and biking trails, kayaking, motor boating, outdoor pool, scuba diving, snorkeling and even some shopping!

Diving and Snorkeling at Norman's Cay

The perfect destination for adventurers and that’s why we’ve included Normans Cay on our list of top diving destinations to get to by private jet.

Pablo Escobar’s Sunken Aircraft

Just off Normans Cay, you’ll find the perfect adventure awaiting in this tropical paradise. A sunken aircraft thought to of been that of Pablo Escobar’s during his smuggling days trading cocaine to America, crashed in the 80’s can now be found in the shallow shores.

Quite popular amongst tourists Norman Cay is a desirable location to both dive and snorkel the remains of this sordid moment in time.

How to get to Norman’s Cay by Private Jet

Quite easy to get to, simply reach Norman Cay by private jet straight to Norman Cay airport (NMC)  in the Bahamas.

Private Fijian Getaway

Laucala Island Fiji - Top Diving Destinations To Get To By Private Jet

Not as popular as the destinations mentioned but that does not mean they are less in luxury, pleasure and entertainment.

25 Villa Private Sanctuary

Laucala Islands are also located in Fiji, however, it is a privately owned resort with only 25 villas – perfect if you want to get away from the busy city life and spend some time in peace and tranquility.

The resorts are designed in a way that depicts the true essence of Fijian dwellings however also providing the utmost comfort and opulence to all of its guests. Another amazing quality about the island is that it is highly eco-friendly which allows you to see a variety of different exotic birds every day.

When it comes to activities on Laucala Island, the list is quite endless. To start off you can go diving in the crystal clear and beautiful waters, there are a variety of other watersports also offered such as windsurfing, kite surfing, kayaking and jet skiing.

In addition, if you’re a lover of wildlife this place is a must-visit, especially since you get the opportunity to go on rainforest walking tours and spot different wild animals and not to mention partake in horse riding activities.

The island also has five different restaurants all with highly expert chefs and offer everything from bars, beachside barbecue to even romantic fine dining.

The restaurants contain some of the most popular Asian dishes and also give you the option to dine by design which means you get to customize your menu in the choice of your location – whether it’s in the midst of the jungle, along a jetty, or in the comfort of your own villa.

Diving and Snorkeling at Laucala Island

Fijis renowned warm tropical waters and abundant marine life entices divers all over the world to explore the open waters and colourful reefs and lagoons. And Laucala dive sites are no exception!

Offering advanced courses and master training, nighttime dives and underwater photography Laucalas Dive Center can cater to all levels of ability and dive preference.

If you’re looking to explore the Great White wall with its dazzling blanket of soft white coral, you won’t have to travel far as it’s only 40 minutes away.

How to get to Laucala Island by Private Jet

Fly to Laucala Island private airport day or night on a jet with a maximum takeoff weight of 40t.


Now that we’ve provided you with a comprehensive list to help you decide where your next tropical getaway should take you, get to planning and start imagining yourself somewhere in an ocean diving away.

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Top Diving Destinations To Get To By Private Jet
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