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With the second wave of COVID-19 hitting in many parts of the world, the thought of another lockdown with nothing to do is even more haunting than it was the first time around.

Unless of course, you isolate in grandiosity and escape to one of these luxurious destinations that are made for social distancing.

Here is our list of the top 9 most spectacular and luxurious locations:

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#1. Ayada Maldives

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Winner of Traveler’s Choice 2020

Ayada Island Maldives. The Most Luxurious Destinations Made For Social Distancing.
Ayada Island Maldives. The Most Luxurious Destinations Made For Social Distancing.

If we were to choose one location in the world that eludes luxury, opulence and tranquillity, it would have to be Ayada Maldives.

The winner of Traveler’s Choice 2020 and #1 on the list of top 25 resorts on Trip Advisor is located on a breathtaking private island with beaches more pristine than anywhere else in the world and tropical greenery scattered across the expanse of the Island.

Ayada Maldives is literally all that you could want from a tropical getaway and a place with a limited amount of people.

From a variety of different restaurants, state of the art spas and villas with infinity pools, Ayada Maldives has a vast variety of activities to make your getaway as memorable and comfortable as possible.

Luxury Suites & Devine Restaurants

There are a variety of magnificent suites to choose from including the Sunset Ocean Suite, Royal Ocean Suite, Ocean Villa, Beach Villa and Beach Suite.

You also have a choice of 8 different restaurants all offering a variety of delectable cuisines where you can dine in and experience unrivalled tastes and unique flavours.

Unforgettable Experiences

Some of the recreational activities you can do at the Ayada Maldives include:

  • Private house reef snorkelling
  • Fishing at sunset
  • Glass-bottomed boat tour
  • Deserted island picnic
  • Local island visit
  • Dolphin spotting trip
  • Island safari
  • Sandbank experience

You can even spot interesting and unique exotic wildlife at the resort too.

Ayada Maldives also has expert scuba diving instructors available on site who will guide you in exploring the glory that is hidden under the crystal-clear waters.

Another popular feature of Ayada Maldives is their AySpa. Their spa claims to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit and it has a Turkish Hammam with treatment suites and many other spa facilities on offer.

Download ‘Luxury Destinations For Social Distancing’ PDF

The French Polynesian Luxury Resort

Tetiaroa Island, The Brando
Tetiaroa Island, The Brando

Recently Kim Kardashian West took all of her close friends and family to an astonishingly beautiful secret island to celebrate her 40th birthday. The whole world was envious of their getaway yet in awe of the breathtaking location where they stayed.

Located on French Polynesia’s stunning private Island of Tetiaroa, the resort is an epitome of splendour, lavishness and affluence in the midst of pristine nature and tranquillity.

Relax Your Troubles Away

The resort offers many amazing amenities available for your entertainment and comfort as well as quite a few restaurants including the Beachcomber Café, Mutinès and Nami Teppanyaki; all of which offer exquisite and mouth-watering dishes.

For relaxation and wellness, there is a serene spa called Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa, that will provide you with the utmost calm and tranquillity you might expect of such a place.

You can even witness some wildlife on the island and enjoy the beautiful Polynesian culture and heritage.


There is so much to explore at The Brando, from snorkeling or kayaking in the lagoon, to stand up paddleboarding and scuba diving or bike riding and circuit training to name a few.

Other facilities on the resort include free high-speed WiFi, fitness centre, pool and free breakfast.

A Hotel Experience Like No Other

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya. Top destinations for social distancing
Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya. Top destinations for social distancing

A creation of The Safari Collection and located inside the forests in Langata suburb of Nairobi; the Giraffe Manor is known to be one of the most Instagrammed properties of the world.

The hotel is an old structure built in the 1930s and known to be one of the most iconic buildings of Nairobi, the reason being is in its name. The Giraffe Manor.

At this hotel, you literally have Rothschild Giraffes popping their heads in through the windows and sharing your breakfast with you. Nowhere else can you get in such close proximity with this majestic creature in such a luxuriate and extravagant manner.

A Touch of Wildlife

There is a lot you can do on the 12 acres of land on which the hotel is spread across, but if you would like to venture further out, you can go on a tailor-made Safari in the depths of the 140 acres of forest, or explore the leafy suburbs and enjoy the phenomenal local culture, craft centres and boutiques.

The Safari collections many experiences and bespoke itineraries include:

If you love wildlife, nature and especially those beautiful and breathtaking long-necked creatures, this hotel is a definite must visit!

Undeniably Beautiful Norway

Manshausen Island Resort, Nordskot, Norway, Top destinations for social distancing
Manshausen Island Resort, Nordskot, Norway, Top destinations for social distancing

It’s undeniable that Norway is one of the most beautiful places in the world blessed with everything nature has to offer.

It seems though that the Northern lights is the main reason why Norway is so popular, although you only have to see it to understand why. Especially when you enjoy the stunning lights in the most luxurious and cosy way possible without staying in tiny cabins or camping.

Glass Houses

Owned by a polar explorer, the Manshausen Island Resort goes by the tag line ‘where sea and mountains meet’.

The island is just 55 acres and can only be accessed by a boat. It doesn’t get more secluded than this.

Over on the island, you get to stay in sea cabins with their very own open-air hot tub located right over the edge of the water with the most unforgettable and spectacular views of the sea and mountains through its all-glass walls.

Guests of the resort are also able to take a swim in the saltwater dam. A bar is also on-site and if you want to venture into Nordskot, you’ll find the village only 550 yards away.

This experience allows you to witness the stunning landscapes, sea and most importantly the glorious northern lights and all from the comfort and safety of your cabin.

The thought of such serene views makes this a desirable place to isolate in and from the rest of the world.

#5. Athina Luxury Suites 

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Social Distance at Santorini

Athina Luxury Suites, Greece. Top destination for social distancing
Athina Luxury Suites, Greece. Top destination for social distancing

There is no better place to savour the beautiful Santorini, Greece than at the Athina Luxury Suites.

The suites are located at the heart of Santorini tucked away in a peaceful neighbourhood which gives you the privacy and tranquillity you need but still making the main city, restaurants and the opportunity to explore Greek culture available.

World Class Suites

There are 19 opulent suites in total, each of which contains a minimalistic aesthetic, paired with high-end furnishings.

The different suites on offer include the master loft suite, junior suite, deluxe suite and honeymoon suite, all of which have an arresting and bewitching view of the volcanos.

You will expect to find world-class services and a vast variety of amenities including private balconies with volcano views, Hermes & Guerlain cosmetics, private candlelight dinners and bars and restaurants.

The Luxury 600-acre Sanctuary

Amangiri Luxury Resort, Utah. Top destination for social distancing
Amangiri Luxury Resort, Utah. Top destination for social distancing

If isolation and seclusion with luxury is your main target, this is the location where you want to be. The 600-acre sanctuary of wildness and isolation is located at the Utah-Arizona border in the heart of Canyon point.

Harmonise With The Environment

Amangiri has been designed in a way to harmonise and merge completely with the surrounding, but only a lucky few have really been able to experience what is on offer, as the resort only has a handful of suites and private accommodations, making it highly exclusive yet the ideal place for social distancing.

Even when the resort is running on full capacity there is still an abundant space to be able to relax and distance.

The resort has numerous amenities and activities to offer including outdoor yoga lessons, hikes to explore the surrounding wilderness and a variety of restaurants offering an assortment of different cuisines.

One of the most popular features of the Amangiri resort is its 25,000 sq. ft spa, which has a water pavilion, steam room, sauna and outdoor private pavilions.

You can even explore National Parks, Mesas, Slot Canyons and Lake Powell.

The True Essence Of Nature

Own Villa, Badung, Bali Indonesia. Top destination for social distancing
Own Villa, Badung, Bali Indonesia. Top destination for social distancing

Located in Badung, Bali Indonesia, Own Villa allows you to experience the true essence of Bali’s culture and embrace nature and cultural traditions in all their glory.

The structure of Own Villa can be described as very rustic, raw and unrefined, where every design element is handmade.

Inspired by Batak houses of North Sumatra the backdrop features plenty of greenery and tropical gardens adding to its wholesome and charming look.

Authentic Balinese Eco Living

There is a choice of rooms you can pick from including the front pool Villa bedroom and the garden view villa bedroom.

What really sets these villas apart is that you are can have spa treatments in the privacy of your own room which is a definite added bonus, not to mention the ‘Our Table’ facility which is a personal foodservice to satisfy hotel guest needs.

There are also a variety of other facilities available too at the Villa, including a tennis court, Water Park, horse riding and a swimming pool.

Another amazing part of the villas is that they are located just 3km away from Seminyak Beach.

Social Distance Like An Emperor

Royal Mansour, Marrakech. Top destination for social distancing
Royal Mansour, Marrakech. Top destination for social distancing

Social distance at one of the grandest and illustrious, most beautiful palace-like hotels in the world, in a city known for its rich culture…The Royal Mansour.

The hotel that elucidates excellence and luxury lets you get the true essence of Moroccan traditions and heritage in suaveness and grandeur. The Royal Mansour can definitely be classified as one of the top-tier most opulent, extravagant and magnificent hotels in the world.

A Sensory Journey

The Royal Mansour has 53 magnificent riads which consist of one to four bedrooms, each designed in a unique manner with beautifully authentic and majestic features to match that are designed to take hotel guests on a sensory journey.

Views of the Atlas Mountains can be seen from the terraces as well as remarkably beautiful Medinas, both inside the palace and out.

There are also 4 palatial restaurants, all of which are all supervised by a world-renowned French chef.

If you’re looking for some indulgent relaxation, the palace offers a 2500 square meter spa, indoor pool, fitness centre, sauna, massages, Turkish bath, cycling, library, open-air bath and a solarium.

The gardens itself, designed by Spanish landscape architecture ‘Luis Vallejoare’ is a reason enough to visit The Royal Mansour, with its lush vegetation, trickling fountains and private pavilions.

Download ‘Luxury Destinations For Social Distancing’ PDF

Surround Yourself In The High Life

Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus, Italy. Top destination for social distancing
Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus, Italy. Top destination for social distancing

Want to enjoy the crystal clear mountain air and surround yourself in stunning views? Then the Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus should definitely be on your next holiday hit list; especially if you love skiing, but then, even if you don’t!

Located in Valdaora, South Tyrol, Italy, the hotel claims to take you ‘close to the sky’.

There really is no better place to savour and admire the view of the Dolomites, (which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site) than the Alpin Panorama Hotel.

Surreal Experiences

All of their rooms offer a beautiful view of the mountains and a private balcony. The rooms are decorated to radiate a cosy ambience with its wooden furniture and carpeted floors. The rooms also include a TV with satellite channels, a minibar and free Wi-Fi.

Other than it’s gorgeous view, the Hotel is popular for its swimming pools. They have a total of 6 pools each offering a different and surreal experience:

  • sky pool – outdoor
  • panoramic swimming pool – outdoor
  • saltwater pool – outdoor
  • whirlpool – outdoor
  • relax pool – outdoor
  • sensory pool – indoor

The Alpin Panorama also offers a spa and wellness centre, sauna, cycling, bike tours, solarium, table tennis, and hammam. Off-site skiing is also available and therefore perfect for your ski getaway.

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Make the most out of these difficult times to your benefit by taking a much-needed getaway to these beautiful and luxurious destinations and let the agitations of these trying times float away and be replaced with tranquillity and serenity.

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The Most Luxurious Destinations Made for Social Distancing
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The Most Luxurious Destinations Made for Social Distancing
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