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Interested in advanced and revolutionary technology, comfort, and safety in air travel?

Then Gulfstream is one of the leading aircraft brands you should know.

The company provides some of the best names for light business jets, mid-size business jets, as well as the large business jets constructed with a global reach in mind.

Gulfstream G700. The Worlds Biggest Private Jet?

In the quest to retrieve bragging rights as the builder of the world’s biggest aircraft, Gulfstream unveiled plans to make a roomier version of its flagship G650, which was overthrown in 2018 by Bombardier Inc’s Global 7500 claiming the largest luxury jet seat.

In response, Gulfstream introduces G700 aircraft in the race for the world’s biggest private jet. The company waited to announce its latest aircraft after it delivered its two new, smaller jets – G500 and G600.

A SuperJet Designed with Short-Runway Performance

Gulfstream G700 is a super jet designed with short-runway performance, fuel efficiency, and transatlantic range in mind.

Gulfstream displays the G700 aircraft as its newest Flagship at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Annual Convention in Henderson, Nevada, US.

With expected customer delivery in 2022, this US $75 million fly-by-wire jet will be capable of flying 7,500 nautical miles/13,890km. It can fly faster than any other competitor in the business-jet industry.

The announced launch client was the Qatar Airways who signed an agreement to buy 10 of the newly introduced G700 aircraft besides their recently announced orders of additional brand new, high-performing Gulfstream G500 and G650ER aircraft.

“We are pleased to be the launch client of the G700, the largest business jet in the aircraft industry. We look forward to welcoming the aircraft into our fleet,”

HE Akbar al-Baker, Group Chief Executive Qatar Airways.

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The Gulfstream G700 – What Is It About?

The Tallest, Widest and Longest Cabin in the Industry

Though hyped as an all-new aircraft, the G700 is the most spacious at 10-foot stretched derivative of the G650ER.

It combines the best features of the recently certified G500/600, including:

  • the Gulfstream’s symmetry flight deck
  • BAE-developed active control side-sticks
  • as well as a re-designed tail for easy swoopy winglets and hangar access.

The Gulfstream G700 features a complete three-axis digital system that offers:

  • stability augmentation
  • flight-envelope protection
  • reduced maintenance
  • and increased redundancy

According to Mark Burns, President of Gulfstream:

“This is going to be the largest aircraft we have ever built. It combines the best elements from our most groundbreaking products to create a brand new, advanced aircraft that redefines comfort, safety and range at speed. It will feature the longest, tallest, and widest cabin in business aviation. The G650 set the standard, and I can say G700 is nothing but a game-changer.”

More Thrust, Less Fuel

The Gulfstream G700 jet is powered from two (2) new 18,250-pound Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines. Unlike the BR725 engine on the 650ER/G650, the new model offers an extra 8% thrust while consuming 3.5% less fuel, besides weighing less.

“The G700 will have a max fuel load and takeoff weight of 49,400 and 107,600 pounds respectively. And like the G500/600 and G650/650ER, the G700 will have a max speed at Mach 0.925. The majority of the visible switches in previous Gulfstream designs have also been replaced with most far-reaching use of touch screen technology in the industry”, Mark further states.

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Read our tips and guidance on buying a private jet. You can also download our buyers a step by step checklist that will include many considerations when buying an aircraft. Get your checklist here

Design, Innovation and the Cabin Mockup

If you’re looking for a fully customisable experience, the G700 can give you just that, with its flexible configurations and designs to suit your needs.

The Gulfstream’s G700 cabin mockup is exceptional; boasting of what is perhaps some of the best G700 assets. It features a new, Gulfstream-developed groundbreaking lighting system.

There is plenty of light in the cabin, thanks to the twenty large oval windows providing Hi-Def lighting system at night and light in the daytime.

The entire Gulfstream G700 cabin environment has 100% fresh air, whisper-quiet sound levels and low cabin elevation, thereby promoting in-flight wellness and significantly reducing the physical impact of travelling halfway globally nonstop.

The cabin can comfortably accommodate up to 10 passengers. It has five spacious sleeping cabin areas:

  • a tailored master bedroom with an en-suite master bath
  • full-size bed and dresser
  • and an extra-large ultra-galley with a crew or lounge compartment, offering an absolute comfort that industry-observers were generally expecting.

The rear door in the back lavatory allows entry to the 195-cu-ft baggage section, which can accommodate up to 2,500 pounds.

The mockup’s second compartment provides club-four seating with new, fully breathable seats that improve aesthetics and comfort. They are available in wide-ranging fabrics, firmness and finishes levels.

It also features deep cup holders, device power outlets, and integrated storage.

Love Entertainment?

You cannot expect less from the Gulfstream G700. The third mockup zone has an entertainment area with a 40’’ 4K flat-screen TV, three-seat sofa, and an immersive 3D sound system that transforms the sidewall panels into powerful sound speakers.

Take Charge at Dinner

When it comes to dinning, the fourth mockup cabin compartment is configured with a quick, set up table that spans across the entire cross.

The table includes a hidden, inbuilt wireless charger that allows passengers to charge their devices by placing their devices on the table.

Tried and Tested

The year 2022 is around the corner and we’re all waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the biggest private jet in the world – the Gulfstream G700!

In aniticipation of it’s first flight Gulfstream has already performed approximately 14,000 hours of laboratory testing, using a combination of engine runs, ground vibration testing as well as all other structural testing needed for its first flight.

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