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Welcome to our first ever blog! As a private jet management and charter company, we thought it best that our first blog be about KJET and what that means to you, as an aircraft owner and to be part of the KJET experience!

Assuming you are reading this blog because you either:
A) interested in owning your own private plane or
B) thinking of changing your management company. Either way you are in the right place.

Who is KJET?

KJET is a newly formed company built on the love of aviation. Founded by Kirsty Wheeler, a business aviation professional and Alan Hudson, a corporate jet pilot, together have created a diligent aircraft management and charter company. Spanning 40 years in this specialist and complex industry, our number one goal is to help simplify your life and to exceed your expectations of how we manage your private jet. We will put you at the heart of our thinking and create an offering that is exclusively for you and your requirements

Professional, qualified and not to mention experienced aviation professionals form part of the KJET team, all of whom have a comprehensive background in aircraft operations, management and charter. And if you are thinking of buying or selling an aircraft or simply need specialist consultancy in this field, our operatives are amongst the best in the industry and are there to guide and support you and ensure your aircraft is maintained, operated and administered to the highest of aviation standards.

Kirsty Wheeler - Business Owner at KJET Aircraft Management
Kirsty Wheeler - Business Owner at KJET Aircraft Management

What are the key benefits of our aviation management services?

From financial reporting and budgeting, to the supervision of the aircraft maintenance, the KJET team will deliver the highest support, both operationally and financially using specialist systems and scheduling platforms that gives exceptional value to our customers.

Exceptional support and customer care

There for you 24/7 365 days of year

We understand that your needs are not just 9-5 and that is why you will be assigned your own dedicated account manager, who not only will be available by day, but night too. You can count on KJET to offer 24/7 support 365 days of the year.

Income generation

Through charted services.

By letting us charter your aircraft we can generate additional income and offset this against your payments.


Clear charging system

There are no additional charges over and above your monthly management fees. Any changes to your flight bookings and scheduling are included as part of the package.

Discretion and confidentiality

At all times

All your requirements will be handled with the utmost understanding, diplomacy and confidentiality. We understand that your personal information is sensitive and highly confidential. We will ensure your personal data is handled securely and with care and discretion at all times.


You can rely on us

Spanning 50 years of experience, you can rely on KJET to operate and manage your aircraft efficient and effectively. With our knowledge and depth of experience operating on a global level, including harsh and high-risk environments, you can rest assured you are in capable hands..

We have the know how you need in this complex environment

Utilising upon our close relationships with maintenance service centres, aircraft insurance specialists, aircraft manufacturers and other like suppliers, we are continually adapting to this ever-changing and rigorous regulatory, technical and administrative environment. You can be assured that the team at KJET will work tirelessly to ensure your private jet is operated safely and efficiently.

Your dedicated account manager will take full responsibility of all your aircraft operations and duties including:

• Flight planning and dispatch
• Aircraft accounting
• Safety and compliance
• Technical management
• Flight crew administration

Flight planning and dispatch

Using a specialist scheduling system KJET will organise permits and landing permissions, passenger transport and desired services at the destination airports. Catering and on-board services will also be taken care of, leaving you to concentrate on what matters the most.

Aircraft accounting

Your account manager will execute the full financial management of your jets expenditure from a pre agreed budget. They will pay bills, reconcile bank statements and credit cards as well as administer expenditure against specific categories, providing complete financial transparency and accuracy throughout.

Safety and compliance

It is a well-known fact that travelling by plane is the safest way to travel, mostly attributed by the stringent regulatory framework the aviation industry must comply with. As experts in our industry, you can be sure we will operate under a certified safety management system.

Technical management

KJET will make sure your aircraft is maintained to the highest of standards by managing all the technical aspects of the aircraft, from maintenance planning and scheduling, technical oversight of the aircraft service centres, to the selection and monitoring of vendors, contractors, and maintenance organisations.

Flight crew administration

KJET will ensure your aircraft is operated by suitably experienced and qualified individuals who fit the legal criteria for operating your aircraft. These tasks will include administering salaries, dealing with crew related matters and ensuring all legal obligations are fulfilled

KJET Aircraft Management - picture of runway
KJET Aircraft Management
KJET Aircraft Management

To find out more about our pricing contact us today

Duties include:

  • Carrying out legal requirements set out by the EASA part – NCC 1
  • Aircraft management and charter
  • Employment and supervision of flight and maintenance personnel assigned to the aircraft
  • Organise the aircraft Radio Licence, ELT Registration
  • Continued aircraft airworthiness and certification, maintenance management and scheduling
  • Aircraft insurance, fuel cards, flight crew credit cards
  • Organise sub-charter aircraft as required
  • Arrange Airframe/Avionics/Engine/APU programmes
  • EU ETS reporting and compliance
  • Making sure aircraft is maintained to the EASA regulations
  • Arrange RVSM/MNPS/MEL approvals
  • Aircraft registration and operation in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority regulations
  • Organise aircraft personnel ongoing training
  • Flight scheduling, dispatch, worldwide flight planning and 24/7 global operations
  • Record keeping, reporting and other administrative requirements
  • Ensure SMS, OPS and FTRM training are carried out
  • Aircraft sales, acquisitions, delivery and acceptance
  • Audit and accounting

Hassle- free Switching to KJET Aircraft Management Company

When you own an aircraft, choosing an aircraft management company is one of the most important decisions you make.
At KJET we will ensure any transition from an incumbent provider is hassle-free, smooth and seamless.

In additional to liaising with the current management company, your flight crew and engineering team on your behalf, we will take full responsibility for all the operational aspects of the transition, which include the change of CAA ownership/operator, updating all relevant regulatory approvals and arranging items such as fuel cards and the flight crew credit card

Other operational aspects of the move include, but not limited to:

  • RVSM/MNPS/MEL approvals
  • Radio Licence, ELT registration
  • Airframe/avionics/engine/APU programs
  • Aircraft insurance, fuel cards, flight crew credit cards
  • Navigation database subscription
KJET Aircraft Management - jet flying high
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