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How to Choose Private Jet Management

The private jet industry is soaring toward a cool $36 billion in value. The industry owes much of this success to excellent private jet management.

Sales, Finances and Operational Tasks

Management teams oversee the sales, financial, and operational tasks that come with owning a private jet.

The Aircraft managers will save you the time of hiring new staff, purchasing fuel, scheduling shifts, planning budgets, flight planning, and staying up to date with the latest compliance regulations and maintenance programmes.

They relieve chief pilots from burdensome management responsibilities that delay flights, like training new flight crew members or taking care of maintenance issues.

The right aircraft management company can also deliver quickly on its ROI through chartered schemes.


Your next step is to find the best management solution for your private jet. Follow these tips to find an exceptional aircraft management team.

1. Experience in the Aviation Industry

You wouldn’t hire an inexperienced pilot. An inexperienced jet manager would also be devastating. The first thing to look for in a private aircraft management company is experience.

Experience with multiple aviation sectors is a plus.

Pilot experience is helpful in this role, as well as expertise in aircraft accounting, in-flight catering, dispatching, aircraft engineering, and administration.

Being an aircraft manager is a significant responsibility.

Ask as many questions as possible to gauge their experience. Ask about past clients to learn more about their experience in the industry.

Education is another factor to consider.

A degree in aviation, business management, or other related fields is a good sign, but demonstrated experience in the field is an even better indicator of competence.

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2. What Services Do Private Aircraft Management Offer?

Not every management company will offer the same range of services.

Research your top choices’ services before hiring a management team. If you want full-service management, look for teams that provide the following services and more:

  • Dispatch services
  • All aspects of flight planning
  • Financial accounting for aircrafts
  • Oversee all safety and compliance standards
  • Control and eliminate business risk
  • Aircraft supply purchasing
  • Maintain and establishing vendor contracts
  • Employee onboarding and training

“Every detail matters when you own a private jet. You can’t leave any room for oversight. Great private jet management makes sure nothing slips through the cracks, from every invoice to every in-flight meal.” Kirsty Wheeler

3. Safety First

Exceptional private aircraft management prioritises safety and security at all times.

Ideally, your management team will have demonstrated experience with aircraft compliance regulations, aircraft security measures, and maintenance.

Your management company should perform routine safety audits and eliminate any risks and hazards promptly before flight. They should also have an updated compliance list to follow.

Discover the Benefits of Private Jet Management

Are you ready to soar toward new business possibilities?

Private jet management can help you realise the full potential of your private jet. Discover the benefits of hiring a management team to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of owning a jet.

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To find out more about our KJET and how we can help, contact us today

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How to Choose Private Jet Management
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How to Choose Private Jet Management
Not sure how to choose private jet management for your aircraft? Click here to learn how to find the perfect aircraft management company!
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