Aircraft Management

Owning and managing an aircraft is becoming an increasingly complex business as such our aircraft management team comprises highly qualified aviation professionals who can provide full support and advice to owners, ensuring that the aircraft is being maintained, operated and administered to the highest aviation standards.

When you choose KJET as your aircraft management company, you and your aircraft will be assigned a dedicated aircraft manager who will act as your representative across the full range of the aircraft’s operations.

Our close relationships with aircraft manufacturer’s, maintenance service centres, aircraft insurance specialists and other like suppliers, enable us to remain well-informed about a variety of aircraft types.

Our knowledge allows us to efficiently and continually run them alongside the ever-changing and rigorous regulatory, technical and administrative standards. Be assured that the team at KJET will work tirelessly to ensure your private jet is operated safely and efficiently.

'Consider Your Safety, Finances and Enjoyment Covered'

Kirsty Wheeler




KJET offers and handles a complete spectrum of aircraft management services, allowing us to individually tailor the specific support and services required by the Owner. From financial reporting and budgeting, to the supervision of the aircraft maintenance, the KJET team delivers the highest calibre of support through our specific knowledge and experience. Both operationally and financially we are able to give you peace of mind that your aircraft is being operated safely and efficiently.

Flight planning & dispatch

Using a specialist scheduling system KJET will organise the full operational activities involved with planning and scheduling your flights; including the logistics, timings, routes and cargo. We will organise full flight permits and landing permissions, passenger transport and desired services at the destination airports.

Catering and onboard services will also be taken care of. Subject to your requirements, our attendants will serve this for you, or we can have everything laid out for you to help yourself.

KJET Private Aircraft Management - flight-planning and dispatch
KJET Prvate Aircraft Management - Aircraft Accounting. Taken Care Of
Aircraft accounting

With a dedicated account for each aircraft, we will handle the entire financial management of your aircraft’s expenditure, including, but not limited to: Fixed Base Operator charges, fuel, crew member travel, training and salaries, technical, navigation and communication subscriptions, international services, catering and hanger charges.

Working from an agreed budget, we will pay bills, reconcile bank statements and credit cards, as well as administer expenditure against specific categories, providing complete financial transparency and accuracy throughout and always in accordance to legal requirements and accounting practices.

Safety & compliance

Flying is the safest mode of transport, a fact attributed to the continual increasing and stringent regulatory environment the industry must comply with.

As such the complexities of owning and operating an aircraft are ever increasing and difficult. As experts in aviation safety, security and compliance, we operate under a safety management system, to control and eliminate any risks in operations. This framework is used to establish and foster the development of a positive safety culture, so you can be sure the operation and management of your aircraft is the safest it can be.

KJET Private Aircraft Management. Safety and Compliance. Taken Care Of.
KJET Private Aircraft Management. Technical Management. Taken Care Of.
Technical Management

The diverse backgrounds and practical experience of the team provide a wealth of technical knowledge which allows us to manage all technical aspects of the aircraft, from maintenance planning and scheduling, technical oversight of the aircraft service centres, to the selection and monitoring of vendors, contractors, and maintenance organisations.

Using specialist tracking system, our maintenance coordinator will perform an analysis where your aircraft will undergo an extensive safety audit and compliance checklist. This will ensure your aircraft is maintained to the highest standards and any issues affecting the safety, quality and operation are dealt with seamlessly and efficiently.

Flight crew administration

It is exceptionally important to us that we have the best people flying your aircraft, who are suitably experienced and qualified.
Using our network we can assist you with selecting candidates and ensure that they fit the legal criteria for operating your aircraft. When needed, we will identify, recruit and always manage your employees. And during periods of mandatory rest, we will hire freelance crew members on your behalf.

In respect of payroll and contracts, we will administer crew salaries and employment taxes and ensure all legal employment obligations are fulfilled. KJET will see to all crew related matters so you don’t have to.

KJET will organise all crew training, both ongoing and annual in accordance to our safety policy.

KJET Private Jet Management. Flight Crew Administration. Taken Care Of


KJET is a London based Aircraft Management Company satisfying clients on a global level. Be sure that wherever your aircraft is based, KJET will provide an ‘A’ Class service regardless of your location and will service clients throughout the UK and overseas. 

KJET will seek to establish the best location and hangar facilities for your needs and location.


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